Atlus Confirms Dragon’s Crown Summer Release For North America

There’s really a lot of new information for Vanillaware latest game, Dragon’s Crown. The game was announced a while back but the developer kept most of the title’s details under wraps until a few days ago, when more gameplay details have started coming in.

A few minutes ago Atlus has confirmed that the game’s North American release won’t be too far from the Japanese one: while Dragon’s Crown has been confirmed for a July 25th release in Japan, Atlus stated that the game will be reaching North American shores this Summer. A leaked Gamestop listing suggested the game will launch on August 6th but this date has yet to be confirmed by Atlus. However the pricing for both versions has been confirmed with the Ps3 version costing 50 $ and the PsVita one 40$.

As confirmed this morning by the official site’s update, Dragon’s Crown will have some cross-platform features like a cross-saving function. Unfortunately a cross-play feature won’t be in: in its place there will be a match making system grouping together players with the same level to bring a more balanced online multiplayer experience.

We will keep you update once a precise release date becomes available: in the worst case it won’t be too far.

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