All PS4 Games Will Be Released On PSN As Well

With the PS4 Sony is making it clear that they want to push the online services of the console even further than they did with the Ps3 and the PsVita: the social networks integration will provide a lot of extra features and the Gaikai cloud gaming platform will provide even more gaming content without the need to download games to the console. The PSN and Ps Plus services will also be enhanced, pushing digital distribution even more.

Sony Worldwide Studios Head Shuhei Yoshida has recently confirmed, among many other features for the console, that the Ps4 will be treated pretty much as the PsVita, regarding games’ availability on the PSN Store: all games will be available on the digital store the same day they hit retail.

Yoshida also said something interesting: some games may only receive a digital release while others will get both. This could potentially mean that some big releases may be getting a digital release only, something that Sony has been experimenting with in the last months, with digital only releases in some select territories.

Just as predicted, the Ps4 may be bringing more horsepower into gaming, but it’s indeed the way we enjoy these games that it’s going to change the most.

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