PlayStation All-Stars Gets New Game…That’s Sponsored By Coke

n some early morning news that helped wake me right up, I was pleased to hear a new PlayStation All-Stars game had been announced.

Then I kept reading, and found out the game was a promotion sponsored by Coca-Cola Zero…

…and then I discovered it was a mini-game collection on mobile devices.


While being considered a “new property”, there’s really nothing new about the game from top to bottom. PlayStation All-Stars borrows it’s name, partly from the 2012 fighter of almost the same name, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. This game shouldn’t be considered a spin off however, as you don’t have an amazing cast of characters fighting each other. Instead, you have Nathan Drake’s life being saved by a Coke Zero parachute, and Cole MacGrath from inFamous riding a Coke Zero Plane.

All the way to the bank, I presume.

PlayStation All-Stars, which has been announced for mobile devices (iOS & Android), looks to be carbon copying some of the more popular mobile games on the market (ala Temple Run), and slathering the Sony sauce all over it. The overall game, taking place on PlayStation All-Stars Island mind you, will feature Nathan Drake, Sackboy, Cole MacGrath, and Kat. Each will star in their own mini-game, with borrowed aesthetics from their respective franchises, Uncharted, Little Big Planet (Karting), inFamous, and Gravity Rush.

The mini-games themselves will also featured some borrowed gameplay, as each one will represent the ever popular mechanics of mobile games. Each mini-game will have a sense of “endless” about them in their design…or in other words, until the player gets bored/dies.

Of course, no promotion would be complete with out the brand tie in, and a special QR code on Coke Zero Bottles will unlock special content for in game usage.

The game is being developed by Zoink Games, and is launching on mobile devices during this summer season. A gallery of photos can be seen here.

I’m not sure what to say.

I’m seriously assuming this title had no impact on the unannounced sequel for Sony’s in-house fighter of almost the same name, but that doesn’t leave me any less disappointed. While I hate to condemn any game I haven’t tried yet, the creative content behind the title from even a casual assessment, needless to say, is extremely low. Many of you may point out this isn’t the first time characters have been shamelessly marketed, and isn’t even a new prospect to some in the cast of PlayStation All-Stars to begin with.

These are Sony’s children after all, and if they want to make a buck off of parading around their kids in front of onlookers, they absolutely can.

The thought of Kat flying through a world as lush and satisfying as Gravity Rush however, and then taking a quick breather to sip on a sugary mess like Coke Zero, hurts  what feels like a very important part of my brain.

A very important part.

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