Persona 4 Golden Kuni No Sagiri Boss Battle Guide

Time to go to Heaven, literally: the next bosses we’ll analyze today are located inside a dungeon called Heaven, where Nanako has been brought by the mysterious killer. Like always, get healed before a boss battle and bring your strongest personas: doing so will make your tasks and battle a lot less difficult to complete.

  • World Balance

The World Balance can be quite easy if you know what your doing: you may also be able to defeat it without even attacking it directly. It doesn’t have any weakness but it has a simple attack pattern: Mind Charge and then a -dyne spell. If any character with resistances is attacked, he or she is likely going to die. The easy way out? Makarakarn or Magic Mirrors will bounce the spells off, killing this both in even 3 turns. Without this strategy, things will be much harder.

  • Kuni No Sagiri

Things now are really getting harder and without personas with resistance to all elements you’re going to have a really hard time dealing with this boss. This boss has all the -dyne spells, it can absorb SP from you, nullify the Makarakarn spell and even buff itself up at times. This boss pattern is simple but potentially deadly: after receiving some damage, it will cast Quad Coverage which will boost a random element, quadrupling both damage inflicted and received. Defend until you find out the element he’s boosted and switch personas accordingly: attacks of the same element will do the best damage possible. When near death, the boss will control any of your character and cast Unshaken Justice quite often: use a persona that nulls physical attacks and keep healing and attacking as the situation requires.

  • Lost Okina

Lost Okina is an extra boss available after you have rescued Nanako: it doesn’t have any weakness and it doesn’t have a set attack pattern. It’s immune to physical attacks so just use magic: Mind Charge and a -dyne spell will do good. Keep healing as needed and you’ll be fine. Don’t use ice attacks since this boss is immune to the ice element: don’t bring Chie since she’ll be pretty useless as an attacker. You can bring Teddie if you want but he’s only going to be good as a healer since his ice spells will be absorbed.

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