Persona 4 Golden European Release Date Confirmed

It’s a widely known fact that European Persona fans always have to endure longer waits than American gamers to get their hands on the latest entries of their beloved franchise, and it’s been the same for Persona 4: Golden, the PsVita enhanced port of Persona 4, released back in 2004 on Playstation 2. Regarding Persona 4 Golden, European players may even feel like they have been able to play the game with only a few months delay: Persona 4 Arena, the fighting game based on the Persona series has been delayed with no release date set.

Persona 4: Golden will be published by Namco Bandai in Europe: the publisher is really a blessing for European japanese role playing games fans, bringing many good games to them. The game will be officially available on February 21 for 39.99 euros: the game, as all PsVita releases, will also be available for purchase on the PSN Store.

Just like it was in Japan and America, Sony hopes to slightly improve the console’s sales with this game: there’s hardly any good release coming in the west and even a port for a almost eight years old game could improve things.

Persona 4 Golden tries to improve on the original game in a number of ways, introducing some new Social Links, personas, a new ending, a new secret dungeon and more. You can check out our review for the North American version of the game here, and a new trailer below.


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