Age Of Empires II: HD Coming On Steam On April 9

Earlier today some rumors were circulating about a possible unexpected comeback of the Age Of Empire series with a HD port of the second game of the series: the game was listed on Steam and pretty much everything else was unknown.

Microsoft has now announced that Age Of Empires II HD Edition, a full reimagining of the 1999 real time strategy game will be released on April 9. With the original developer no longer active, the port will be handled by Hidden Path Entertainment.

While the game officially launches on April 9, players who preorder the game will receive it on April 5, four days before the official release. The game wil include the full single player campaing of the original game, the Age Of Kings campaign, and the Conquerors expansion, offering a total of 18 total missions. The game will also have on online multipayer mode.

Among the new features are full 1080p graphics, a new visual engine improving on all textures, Steamworks features like achievements, leaderboards and cloud support. Player created content can also be shared with through the Steam Workshop.

The success of the Age Of Empires II HD Edition may make Microsoft considering releasing a new episode of the series: it’s true that the genre is not too popular right now but it would definitely be good for fans.


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