Pandora’s Tower Coming To The United States Thanks To XSeed

It was way too obvious and now it’s been officially confirmed: Pandora’s Tower will be released in the US during Spring 2013, courtesy of XSeed. The Wii action role playing game received an European release last year but the situation looked grim for North American players.

Xseed teased yesterday that a new game announcement was coming in the next few days and used the photo of a tower as a tease: fans were speculating if the company was really talking about the game, even though things didn’t look too good since the Wii is almost dead everywhere. Still, the company has faith in its fans whom have bought the last role playing game localized by the company, Mistwalker’s The Last Story.

Pandora’s Tower is quite a strange game to see on a Nintendo Console: the game is an action role playing game with an intriguing plot where players will have to help a cursed young girl by feeding her with meat takes from monsters! Gameplay wise the game features a lot of nice locations inside the tower, a puzzle focused exploration experience and tons of monsters to butcher, literally!

Other than the release window, Xseed hasn’t given any more detail: we’ll keep you update when something new will be made available.


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