Pac-Man Goes Free to Play on Android

Namco Bandai has decided to release Pac-Man as a free to play title on Android. This includes both the classic game and the new tournaments mode that includes power ups and weekly tournaments that give you a chance to win Pac-Man plushies and other pac-related prizes. This mode also has downloadable mazes that you have to pay for, but the classic game is fully free with no extra charges.

PAC-MAN is now FREE to play! In addition to a faithful reproduction of the arcade classic, this app includes a brand new Tournament mode featuring constantly updated mazes, performance based score multipliers, 10x as many Bonus Items as Classic PAC-MAN, and more!

PAC-MAN Classic:
So accurate to the original that you’ll want to put a quarter in to start the game!

New Tournaments all the time!
New mazes
New color schemes
Dozens of new Bonus Items to gobble
Tournament rankings
Cumulative scores allow you to see every point you’ve ever earned!

Dozens of Achievements tied to accomplishments

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