North American PSN Gets Paypal Option

As much as Sony loves its Playstation Store, giving great discounts on games and even free game for all Ps Plus Subscribers, the whole system isn’t without flaws: just a couple of years ago the Playstation Network was hacked and hackers were able to get credit card number together with all personal information provided to the system. As you may remember the Playstation Network was down for a few months and when it came back up players had to change all their passwords.

Despite the extra security measures, players still didn’t feel like putting their credit cards info again, fearing an hacking could happen again: the only choice they had to buy content from the Playstation Network Store was to buy the prepaid PSN cards.

Now another option has been given to players who don’t want to use their credit cards to add funds to their own accounts: starting this week North American players will, be able to use Paypal together with their own PSN account, just like European players have been able to since the end of last year. We still don’t know if players outside America can add funds with their non American Paypal accounts but that seems unlikely: European players couldn’t add funds for the Australian store, for example, even though they were in the same region.


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