Nintendo: Reggie-Fils Aime Defends Wii U, Mentions PS2 Also Being Underpowered

In a not so surprising interview with Forbes, Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo President of America) and popular E3 personality, shared some thoughts about Nintendos’ newest console, the Wii U.

They were positive, which is the not so surprising part.

In the interview,  Reggie is quick to focus on the software, and Nintendo’s reputation to deliver desirable experiences to consumers year in and year out. He also tries to shrug off the accusations of the Wii U’s tech as being “dated”, with a bold comparison to generations past:

“Processing power of the hardware really doesn’t matter. I say that with confidence looking at the most recent generation of home consoles where the Wii, which the broad industry looked at and said “boy, that seems to be underpowered” but sold 100 million units globally. And the consumer saw the innovation of the Wii Remote and the active gameplay we offered.

Even if you look at the generation before that, it was Sony’s product that was underpowered compared to the other two home consoles and yet they won that generation. In the end it comes down to the games.”

Always a risky gamble in bringing up the PS2, but not one we haven’t seen in the past. Reggie uses the PS2 defense, in saying that the console was also underpowered, but performed admirably in that generation as clear victor.

While I appreciate Reggie’s tenacity in sticking up for his product, I’m quick to point out, like many others, that the comparison is not apt. The Wii U, while an interesting concept, remains just that to a lot of consumers. With various software delay’s sabotaging the Wii U’s install base, I’m not sure even Nintendo is comfortable with their own hardware sales. As we draw closer to the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One, we have to keep in mind they had a full year head start. After a considerable amount of time, many still question Nintendo’s tactics, as their launch may have suffered from pre-maturity.

One other important aspect to point out with the PS2, is the tech may have been under powered, but wasn’t behind it’s own time. The DVD player alone, due to price and convenience, pushed many to choose the PS2 because of the value involved. The launch line up wasn’t spectacular, but the slow momentous build to a fantastic library was more tolerable. This was due in part to the PS2’s ability to provide a newer technology, and an overall value outside of video games.

While I’ve very much enjoyed my Wii U, I can safely say I’m in a minority of gamers who likes a little bit of everything. My eclectic tastes and devotion to gaming is far outside the norm, and represents just one piece of a very large pie of gamers companies need to reach for. Nintendo has shown us what they have in store during this years E3. Will it be enough? No one know’s for sure.

The only thing we do know, is Nintendo is going to need to boast a stellar line up of games, if they want a fighting chance against the PS4 and Xbox One, this holiday season.

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