The Walking Dead : Survival Instincts Coming to Wii U

Wii U owners who are fans of the AMC’s The Walking Dead should rejoice because the first person shooter Walking Dead: Survival Instincts will be released on the Wii U. The game will be the same as the one released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 but will have game enhancements through the Wii U GamePad.

This was revealed in an interview at Digital Spy with the game’s producer Glenn Gamble, where he stated that they never intended to release this game on Wii U before halfway through the process. They than realized the potential of the GamePad and how they could use it in tandem with the game.If you play the game on Wii U you’ll have continuous access to your backpack and you can quickly choose exactly which weapon or item you’d like to use in real time.

The game was also given a release date in Europe for March 29th.

For those new to the idea of the game, it takes place just before the beginning of the TV show and puts you in the shoes of Daryl Dixon, one of the most popular characters from the TV series. You’ll be making your way through the Georgia countryside with your brother Merle, also from the show, on your way to Atlanta, which is supposedly safe. There will be several ways to play this game as you can choose to use stealth or brute force to ensure a safe passage to Atlanta.

Due to the success of ZombiU and the way they efficiently used the GamePad for their first person zombie game, having the Walking Dead ; Survival Instincts come out on Wii U is a logical choice. The added incentive of having your inventory available in real time may be enough to convince buyers to purchase their game on Nintendo’s new platform, rather than on their PS3 or Xbox360.

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