Rumor: Black Ops 2 Wii U Sales Below Expectations

With a low install base, no one probably expected to see high sales of Black Ops 2 on Wii U. It’s a shame because it’s really a good port with decent Gamepad support. Gamers have asked for good ports on Nintendo consoles and this time they got it.

However it looks like sales have really been below expectations and Activision is really not too pleased about it: the publisher is almost mad at Nintendo fans. The rumor comes from indie developer Calvin Hall who supposedly met an Activision employee who has revealed Activision disappointment: the employee stated that the publisher is mad at Nintendo fans because they demanded good quality port for multiplatform games and once they got them, they completely ignored them. Apparently the employee said that Nintendo fans are all talk and when it’s time to open their wallets, they buy Nintendo games.

Calvin Hall also added that there very little enthusiasm about the console among developers: most don’t stop making games for Wii U only because they don’t want to ruin their relationship with Nintendo.

While things looked different this time, with Nintendo ready to get third party developers to work on the console, the fans are ignoring these games in favor of Nintendo products: this situation may end up having some consequences in the future.

Source: Calvin Hall

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