New Details On Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Version Online Play

Nintendo is definitely on a roll these days, with Nintendo Direct broadcasts coming almost every week, showcasing a lot of new and interesting titles coming on Wii U and 3DS. This morning’s broadcast focused on 3DS, with new trailers and information on all upcoming games.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is set to be one of the strongest release of the first half of 2013, given the series popularity. The game will be released in a few weeks on Wii U and 3DS with online play, a game mode which will increase the already long duration of the game.

The 3DS version of the game was sad to lack online play, only allowing local co op with other player: during the Nintendo Direct Nintendo actually revealed that it will be possible to play online with the 3DS version of the game by buying a special Lan adapter and using it together with a special application which will be launched together with the game for Wii U.

These details are actually related to the Japanese version of the game and they may be different for the North American and European version of the game. It’s still nice to know that online play will be possible, even though this is probably far from being an ideal solution for the 3DS version.


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