Mother 3 Unofficial Translators Offer Their Work To Nintendo For Free

If you’re a fan of EarthBound, you surely know about Mother 3, the third entry of the series released on GBA and never officially translated in English. A group of dedicated fans has produced a high quality translation work which has been available for some time.

Some rumors have been circulating lately about a possible official localization of Mother 3 coming with a Virtual Console released of the now classic rpg. Earthbound is also becoming available tomorrow on the new Wii U Virtual Console service, meaning that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten about the franchise.

The lead translator Clyde Mandelin has posted on the project’s blog that he’s willing to provide the game’s translation for free to Nintendo and even provide additional work if required. It’s not impossible for a big company to use a fan translation: Ys Oath In Felghana has been officially released in the West by Xseed using the unofficial work done by another group of fans.

This is not to say that it will be happening this time for sure: Nintendo would probably require some more work on the translated script as editing and implementiation. Still, it’s nice to know that dedicated fans are willing to give their work for free for the greater good of the series they love so much.


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