Bravely Default May Be Ready For Localization

While still lacking an official Final Fantasy release, 3DS owners in Japan already have got their big role playing game release last year: Bravely Default is a classic Japanese Role Playing game published by SquareSoft and it’s the spiritual sequel of Final Fantasy: Four Warriors Of Light, the series’ spin off developed as an old school role playing game.

Bravely Default goes way beyond the classic role playing game formula, introducing a lot of features which make the game incredibly interesting: added to the mix is a nicely crafted graphical style and storyline.

Strangely enough, there hasn’t been any talk about the game’s possible release in the West: it’s really strange because the game has the potential to do really well on all markets. Rumors has surfaced in these months stating that the game will be coming in the future but no one could still say when.

A new post on the official Bravely Default Twitter Account stated that “foreigners” voiced are being heard loud and clear. This could very well mean that the game could be ready to get announced for the west.

This delays is really strange however: most Square Enix games nowadays don’t take too long to get localized so there must be more about this. We’ll keep uo updated on the matter as soon as anything new is available.


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