Animal Crossing: New Leaf Learned from City Folk’s Mistakes

In a recent interview with Nikkei, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discussed the phenomenal success of Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

You may remember the Wii iteration of the series, City Folk (or Let’s Go to the City in Europe). It’s considered to be the weakest entry in the franchise, due to a lack of evolution and new features in comparison to its predecessor, Wild World.

Using this feedback, the team developing New Leaf were determined to make the game suprerior. They believe that the effort put in to include all of the new enchancements and features were key to the game’s commercial success, with over two million copies sold in Japan.

“On the Nintendo DS, Animal Crossing received high praise and shocked the world by selling more than 5 million copies [in Japan],” said Iwata. “It become one of the representative games that people would buy for the system. The Wii version was highly anticipated and we released it into the world but it didn’t go very well, right? That game is, for us, one with many points of reflection.

“At that point, the core members of the Animal Crossing team used this reflection as a spring board, saying ‘Let’s make the next game one that our customers can really enjoy’. I would go so far to say that I honestly felt a tenacity from the nuclear members of the development team.

“This time, there are many features inserted that make you say ‘You can do this thing?’ and ‘It goes that far?’.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is coming to North America in the first or second fiscal quarter of 2013. There is currently no word on a European release date.

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