Nintendo Merging Home And Handheld Console Departments

According to the Japanese Newspaper Nikkei, Nintendo is planning to merge the Home and Handheld Console departments to create new harder in less time than ever, of course trying to present something different has they have been doing ever since they introduced the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo may not admit it, but they’re definitely feeling some pressure from the tablet and smartphone markets, especially since big companies like Squaresoft and others have started developing new software and not simple ports. The new unified division will be officially presented next month, on February 16th: the new team will be located in a facility close to the company’s HQ in Kyoto which will be fully operative by the end of the year.

Behind this new merger is not only the tablets and smartphones issue but also the not too successful launches of the company’s last hardware products: the Wii U and the 3DS XL. With this move Nintendo hopes that, with all the brilliant minds of the company together, they will be able to think up and create something truly unique that will really shake the industry.

Truth be told, it’s still too early to talk about a Wii U’s failure, considering it’s not doing to bad on the market: however to really stay at the top of the market, one must always think ahead and that’s probably what Nintendo will be trying to do.


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