Ninja Theory Prefers Quality Over High Sales When Developing Games

Tomorrow is finally the day many Devil May Cry fans have been waiting for, as the game finally launches in North America: many more reviews are coming in and they all praise the game, finally putting all the controversy to rest. To help promoting the game, Ninja Theory has spoken with many magazines and webzines about their Dmc: Devil May Cry.

Speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine Uk, Tameem Antoniades has spoken a bit about the game and what Ninja Theory really strives for when developing its products. Quality is the first factor the team has been striving for when developing such a highly anticipated product as Dmc: Devil May Cry. Antoniades admits that Capcom hasn’t set a target sale number to respect their being indipendent: if sales are good that’s good but the most important thing is to launch a high quality product on the market.

Antoniades also gets more into detail when talking about the high difficulty mode Heaven and Hell: Dante will be killed by a single hit, the AI becomes more aggressive and the enemy types and locations are completely different. Antoniades states that end game enemies will be present in the first stages of the games and, coupled with the different placements, players will be feeling like they’re playing a completely different game. The Heaven and Hell mode will be unlocked after completing the game, extending the game’s longevity even further.

Dmc Devil may Cry will be released tomorrow in North America on Ps3 and Xbox 360, on Friday in Europe with a Pc version coming on January 25.

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