Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Familiars Guide: Treats And Gems

Having covered the basics of Familiars management by describing the Celestial Signs and the overall families of Familiars, we will be covering another important aspect of the familiars growth mechanic in Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch. During play you will be gathering various types of food called Treats, which will be used to influence the growth of each familiar in a specific way.

Feeding treats will increase the friendship levels and familiarity as well as boosting specific attributes. Familiars will be able to eat Treats until the bar fills up: once it’s filled Familiars won’t be able to eat more until the bar has being emptied. To do so, just use the Familiar during battle and in no time they’ll be ready to eat again.

Eating Treats will allow Familiars to rack up some points which can be used in Stats customization: each familiar can earn up to 50 points which can be freely used to increase Attack, Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Accuracy and Evasion. After reaching 50 points, eating treats won’t increase points anymore: they’ll just improve the familiarity level, if it’s not yet maxed up. Here’s what each type of treats does to familiars in detail:

Cakes – Increases Mag. Atk. Boosts familiarity with Nymphae, Arcana, Mortui

Chocolate: Increases Attack. Boosts familiarity with Milites, Dracones.

Flans: Increases Defence. Boosts familiarity with Automata, Flora.

Ice Cream – Increases Evasion. Boosts familiarity with Bestiae, Aves.

Pies – Increases Accuracy. Boosts familiarity with Aquatica, Minima, Nobilia.

Sundaes: Increases Mag. Def. Boosts familiarity with Vermes, Daemonia.

As you may already know, treats aren’t the only item types that can be given to familiars. Gems play a big part in the customization of each familiar but since they aren’t too easily found, you may want to think twice before giving a familiar a gem.

Each familiar can learn up to eight different skills, which are learned by simply leveling up the familiar. If you want to give a familiar a specific skill, you will have to find the corresponding gem and use it on the familiar to learn the attached skill. If the familiar already knows 8 skills, you will have to remove one before adding another one. Make sure the familiar won’t be learning the skill naturally before using up the gem. For the rest, it’s all up to your personal preference: customization options are plenty in this game and making the best possible familiar team will be up to you alone.

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