Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Familiars Guide: Sid And Gogo Guide

Understanding and using the familiars is the most important things, gameplay wise, of Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch: through the use of story familiars only one could be able to complete the game. Even though this may be an exaggeration, story familiars are unique enough that, if used correctly, they may be able to carry you through a good portion of the game. In this part of the guide we will be analyzing more Familiars which are gotten through the story and are impossible to miss.

  • Sid

Celestial Sign: Star
Genus: Nymphae
Primary Abilities: Magic Defence, Evasion, Accuracy
Susceptible to: Curse
Resistant to: Nix
Elemental Resistance: Light
Elemental Weakness: Fire
Favourite Treat: Cake (Mag. Atk.)
Most Compatible With: Marcassin

Sid hatches from an egg after Oliver heals the tree where the egg is nested. Sid comes with a few special abilities: he can’t defend, but he can use the Evade command in its place. By using it, Sid will be able to completely avoid the attack, taking no damage in the process. Sid’s miracle move is New Dawn, which heals all allies and cures all status ailments. As you can see, Sid is mostly geared towards support and it’s really good at it: consider imrpoving his magic attack and magic defense stats during customization, as well as feeding it its favourite treat, which will help you improving its magic attack stat. Sid will be, most of the times, the easiest way to get out of a hairy situation, especially during boss battles since all special moves damage can be negated by his Evade command.

  • Gogo

Celestial Sign: Moon
Genus: Aves
Primary Abilities: Evasion, Accuracy, Magic Defence
Susceptible to: Blindness
Resistant to: Sleep
Elemental Resistance: Water
Elemental Weakness: None
Favourite Treat: Ice Cream (Eva.)
Most Compatible With: Esther

Gogo is Esther’s familiar and it will join you together with her. Just like Sid, Gogo has the Evade command so you know what to do when a boss is about to use a special attack. Even though he has evade, he’s slightly less useful than Sid for a number of reasons: his miracle move is nothing special and as a familiar it isn’t geared towards anything in particular. Gogo has some magic and healing tricks but they’re nothing special so don’t expect him to be a too valid substitute for Sid: just use his evade command when needed and switch to some more useful familiar.


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