Next Sony Bend Game Will Have Online Multiplayer

The PsVita has indeed more than a single problem: low sales, too much ports not using the console’s unique features and overall, very little original games coming. The situation looks pretty bad for 2013 as well, despite some nice titles coming in the next months like Soul Sacrifice.

That’s not to say that the Vita doesn’t have some good titles: among them, Uncharted Golden Abyss, developed by Sony Bend Studio is probably one of the best, showing how a Nathan Drake adventure can be well developed and received. However the game, unlike the latest games of the Uncharted series, didn’t have an online multiplayer component. There was no reason behind this choice, but it looks like things will change for the studio’s next game.

Sony Bend is currently working on a yet to be titled AAA game and it’s now been discovered that the studio is looking for a Senior Staff Network Programmer, who will have to build and maintain client and server systems, clearing for the next game. We still don’t know what the studio is developing right now, but it would make sense that it’s another Uncharted portable title: considering how multiplayer was introduced in Uncharted 2, history could be repeating itself.


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