New Thief Game Announced: Next Gen Title

Stealth games enthusiasts surely remember the Thief series: the series spawned three main line titles and a couple of expansions of the main game. The games are set in a fantasy/steampunk world and are mostly focused on sneaking around the stages to proceed. The first Thief game can also be considered the first true stealth title since it came before all other series which make moving unseen a focal point of their gameplay experience.

The game’s reveal was teased some time ago by the magazine GameInformer: a new triple AAA title was going to be covered on the April issue of the magazine and with the magazine out, it’s been confirmed that the title was Thief 4.

Judging by the released trailer, the game will be strongly tied to the roots of the series, even though the game appears to be a reboot of the series: the success of the Tomb Raider reboot may have led Square Enix to this decision. The trailer shows everything Thief fans hold dear: the steampunk setting, the sneaking and the whole atmosphere surrounding the series.

The quality of the footage suggested that the next Thief game will be a next generation title: today Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be available on Ps4, Pc and other next generation consoles, mostly hinting at the yet to be revealed new Microsoft console.

No release date has been given.


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