New Super Luigi U Details for Wii U

New Super Luigi U Details for Wii U

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast announced that 2013 was “The Year of Luigi”, with titles Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U in the form of “New Super Luigi U”.

Although the announcement of the DLC was pretty vague, we now have some more details. It will be quite an expansive DLC to say the least, with it replacing each and every one of the existing 80 or more levels. With Luigi becoming now replacing Mario as the star of the game, The green-garbed sidekick will have different abilities than Mario, and existing levels in New Super Mario Bros. U will be reworked to cater to this.

The player is also given the option to switch between the DLC and the original game at will. It will be interesting to see whether or not the co-op play will still be available in this mode, given that the levels will be designed with Luigi’s abilities in mind, which may not translate well when playing as Mario or one of the Toads.

The Nintendo Direct broadcast also saw the revealing of Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s release date in North America and Europe.

There are currently no details yet regarding details and price for the New Super Luigi U DLC, but we will keep you updated.

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