New Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 Update Videos

Street Fighter X Tekken may not be the most successful Capcom fighting game ever but at least the japanese developers are still working on it, trying to fix some balancing problems that have always been present in the game ever since release. Truth to be told the game is not too bad and most of the bad rep the game gets is due to something that’s more related to Capcom’s policies rather than the game itself. Still, the whole DLC on Disk fiasco has costa lot for Capcom who has avoided doing so for all the games released after Street Fighter X Tekken.

Together with some small updates aiming to fix some small things like infinite combos, gems unbalancing and such, a big update is coming in the near future for the game. The 2013 update will bring changes for all characters, with some of them behaving quite differently from the past. Capcom has been gracious enough to upload some video showcasing the changes on Youtube and today a new batch has appeared, detailing the changes of the remaining characters. Check out the video below to be able to check out all the videos currently available.

Street Fighter X Tekken is currently available on Ps3 and Xbox 360, with the PsVita version released some months ago with all the DLC content released separately for the other versions of the game.


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