New Rock Band DLCs Releases Until April, No More Games In Development For The Series

The rhythm games craze is really over: for a few years some developers have milked their successful franchises and offered these games together with expansive fake instruments. They probably have brought things too far with yearly releases which didn’t feature anything really new and only new songs which could have been released easily as DLC. The Guitar Hero series, which actually started the craze, has been put to rest a few months ago and now it’s time for the Rock Band series to get some rest.

On April 2 the last set of DLCs songs for the Rock Band games will be released, making them the last DLCs released for the series: it’s been a prolific ride, with over 4000 extra songs released during the years. Before April 2 we should be expecting a lot of things: more songs will be coming, all the Rock Band Blitz tracks will be available for Rock Band 3, a few older songs will have updated pro instruments tabs and the song sale will keep going strong, with over 1000 songs offered for a discounted price.

Harmonix, the series’ developer, has stated that this isn’t a farewell for the series, but a well deserved brea after over 5 years of constant releases. The team will keep supporting the current games but as of now, no new released are planned.


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