New Resident Evil Game May Be A Reboot

With so many reboots getting developed and released, it was only a matter of time that more series would be getting the reboot treatment. The next big series to get rebooted, after Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry, could be Resident Evil: probably excited by the great results of Ninja Theory’s Dmc, Capcom could be trying to bring some new life into the Survival Horror series after the release of the port of Resident Evil: Revelations.

Masachika Kawata spoke with Eurogamer about the future of the series and the talk about a more open world game experience brought up the reboot talk: to make such drastic changes to the formula a reboot would only be natural, also to make new players get into the series, as well as veterans who may be more open to some drastic gameplay changes.

Revelations will be the true test to see where the series may be heading next: the input from media and players will be fundamental in knowing what must be changed and how it must change to keep the Resident Evil series games successful and engaging at the same time. Players have all the power this time so you know that this time, Capcom will be listening closely to all opinions on the game and on the series.

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