New Monolith Game Announced on Wii U

Monolith Software had to work its way through glory, a hard journey which ended up repaying in the long term, with Xenoblade Chronicles becoming a worldwide success on a console which didn’t see many hardcore games selling so much. With Monolith being bought by Nintendo some time ago and games for all the latest Nintendo Consoles, including a quite unique title coming out in the next months, almost everyone expected a follow up to Xenoblade Chronicles and it looks like we will truly get our hands on such a game in the near future.

In the latest Nintendo Direct a lot of first party games have been announced for the Wii, together with some other exclusives like Bayonetta 2, developed by Platinum Games, a game which wouldn’t have existed if not for Nintendo’s involvment. The company’s desire to not limit the console to only family friendly games has been evident from the very first announcements. And with this “X” new title, Xenoblade fans will finally have something to look forward to.

Aside from the codename X and the little footage shown on the Nintendo Direct, not much more is known about the game: given the vibe of the footage, it’s probably going to be a role playing game. It’s still unknown if it’s going to be related to Xenoblade: as players may know the team has worked on Xenogears before working on Xenosaga and Xenoblade so the X codename doesn’t mean much as of now.


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