New Details On The Ps4 PSN Releases

During the Playstation Meeting Sony made it pretty clear that they would adopt the PsVita model for the new Playstation 4 Console: all Ps4 games will be available on launch day on the Playstation Network Store.

Yoshida san, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, has commented further on how things will work: making all games available digitally will actually help indie developers more since gamers will take a look at the PSN store offers more often than ever. This kind of accessibility will also greatly improve the whole Ps4 gaming experience: most games will be around 50 GB big and downloads may be a problem.

For this reason Sony is looking to do things differently: gamers will be able to play portions of the game even before the game is fully downloaded; it will be the same with movies since buyers will be able to begin watching the movie before download is completed.

As an added feature, gamers will also be able to browse and purchase Playstation content from any device and not just from the Ps4: once the purchase has been made download will begin for the selected console.

Sony is truly innovating the way we will be able to enjoy our Playstation games. More details to come in the near future.


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