New Call Of Duty Game Developed By Neversoft

The Call Of Duty series is one of the most successful franchises ever, with each yearly release selling a lot in North America and Europe. Some detractors may say that the games aren’t too different from one another but Treyarch has shown with Black Ops 2 that it’s indeed possible to freshen the experience in more than a single way.

As always, a new Call Of Duty game is expected by the end of the year and it looks like Neversoft is going to develop the game. The confirmation came after a first teaser poster released on the web a few hours ago with a 11-11-13 date and the sentence “Ready to get back to basics?”, possibly referring to the release date of the game. It’s still unknown if it’s going to be another Modern Warfare title or something entirely new.

While it looked like a simple tease in the beginning, Neversoft actually confirmed that it’s developing the game on its website, stating that they’re working on a new Call Of Duty project.

Given the release date, there’s also a high chance that this new Call Of Duty game may be coming on next gen hardware as well as current gen: it’s going to be really interesting seeing Neversoft working on a first person shooter, it’s going to be a first for the team that’s known for completely different games.


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