More Tomb Raider Multiplayer Mode Details

Lara Croft will finally be back on our consoles this March and nothing will be as it was in the past: the new Tom Raider game, being a reboot for the series, promises to completely revolutionize the old Tomb Raider formula while telling the origins of Lara Croft as he grew to be adventurer we all know.

Some players were feeling perplexed for the introduction of a multiplayer mode in the game, feeling like it would be a superficial job and only included because it has become a standard for most game genres. Eidos has assured players that the mode was introduced because they truly felt like it could add something in the game: it won’t be featuring material out of the blue but still tied to the rich world and setting created for the game.

New details have emerged for the Tomb Raider multiplayer mode: players will be controlling one member of the crew of the shipwrecked Endurance. Most maps will be set into the most dangerous parts of the islands where players will have to learn how to use traps effectively. Available modes for play will be Team Death Match and Rescue: in the first mode players will have to survive against the Solarii with the first team killing more than 25 enemies winning the match. In the Rescue Mode things will be like a capture the flag game mode since the first team to bring back to headquarters medical supplies will have won the match.

Together with the traps and other weapons available in the single player mode, some specific equipment will be available like turrents and lightning rods which can be activated at any time.

Tomb Raider will be released on March 5 on Pc, Xbox 360 and Ps3


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