More Tomb Raider Features Detailed: No Demo Coming And No Online Pass

The new Tomb Raider game is one of the most anticipated releases of this 2013 and for a good reason: ever since the game was unveiled, it was clear how things would be completely different from the past with a new gameplay formula together with a more involving story, showing a young Lara Croft and all the events that made her who she is. Crystal Dynamics promises a truly emotional plot and details have been somewhat scarce, as to truly surprise players once the game hits consoles and Pc on March.

On some other aspects of the game Eidos and Crystal Dynamics have been more inclined to share more details: it was rumored that the game wouldn’t receive a playable demo before the release because they still wanted to keep the story under wraps and playing even a single portion of it would have ruined the surprise and spoiled the experience. Today it has been officially confirmed that no demo will be released.

On a related news, it has also been confirmed that the game won’t be needing any Online or Season Pass to be played online and all the potential DLC will be sold separately. This is quite surprising since both Square Enix and Eidos have experimented the idea on Hitman: Absolution.

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