Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Multiplayer Modes Will Be Region Locked

One of the most important aspects of the Monster Hunter series is the multiplayer modes, where players are able to partner up and go hunt some extremely bug monsters. This probably what makes the series so unique and why players all over the world have come to love the Monster Hunter games.

The next game to get released will Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U: the game will feature a lot of new additions like monsters, gears and so on. Another new features actually isn’t too hot: series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has announced that the game’s servers will be region locked, preventing players from different regions to be able to interact and play together.

Fans haven’t taken this in a good way and the Capcom Unity forums are getting swarmed by angry fans. Yuri Araujo of Capcom USA isn’t happy at all about the situation and will be passing players’ feedbacks to the Monster Hunter team in an effort to try and change thigs a bit.

It’s a shame that Capcom has decided to go this way: in the previous Monster Hunter games there were no problems in this regard, with players from all over the world playing together with no apparent trouble.


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