Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 8 Coming Soon

With the big success Minecraft has enjoyed, it’s almost strange that the ony home version of the game outside of the Pc ones is the one released on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Minecraft 360 has started quite slowly, with the game being way beyond in updates the Pc version of the game but 4J Studios is working really hard to make Minecraft on Xbox 360 an experience as engaging and memorable as it is on the other versions of the title.

The latest update released for the game managed to fix a few things but actually introduced more problems: the inability to autosave, constant random freezes and a few other issues.

4J has announced that a list of fixes will probably be available next week, dealing with such issues: the most annoying is definitely the autosaving bug, which comes into effect when players set their statuses to Away.

Some new exciting features are already in the works: 4J is working on a new skin pack for the game, containing a lot of fan requested skins. Together with fan requests, the developer has hinted that more licensed skins, from Ubisoft and Gearbox among others, could be coming in the near future.

A release date for the update still has to be announced: it will probably be coming together with the promised fix list next week.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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