Metal Gear Solid V To Lose Codec Conversations!?

For anyone following the site on a regular basis, Gamersyndrome has focused (unintentionally so) on the crazy musings of one Hideo Kojima, in revealing more info on the next exciting installment, MGS V. The Metal Gear Solid series has always been known for it’s righteous blend of cinematic styling and verbose dialogue, to create an experience some criticize as being a little too much story and not enough gameplay.

In a shocking turn of events, this may be a thing of the past for the MGS series.

In  a write up regarding a visit to the Konami offices yesterday, Gamasutra reports their live demo of MGS V sporting  some new oddities in the Metal Gear universe, namely that the game felt far more hands on than previous iterations. In the small tutorial area, they referred to the open world game as feeling more akin to Assassins Creed mixed with Splinter Cell, which was more or less revealed in the E3 cinematic.

Stranger yet, however, was the lack of any lengthy conversational exposition during their play of MGS V, even going as far to say that their trial included no Codec conversations what so ever. A direct quote from Kojima reaffirms a new approach in his vision of Metal Gear Solid V.

“In the past, the games of the Metal Gear franchise have all been saying ‘here is the story….(in MGS V) it’s their decision to carry the game.”

Between first hand experience of those present saying such a classic staple of the series was gone, and Kojima going as far to say the “players will carry the game” and not the cut-scenes, it begs a couple of questions. While Gamasutra does mention the in-universe lore is well intact, and even borderline hard to follow to non-devout fans, the mention and absence of any real Codec conversations is troubling. While this is speculation on one hands on, I stand respectful of the observation that the Codecs were *noticeably* absent, and stand suspicious based on previous shenanigans showcased by the eccentric MGS creator.

So the questions that remain are simply:

1.Is Kojima screwing with us again?

I know that seems like question as opposed to multiple, but I always ask it several times and in different ways, as Kojima’s pre-hype game phase is always a bit mischievous.

As many MGS fans no doubt recall from the recent past involving the follow up to MGS V’s reveal, Kojima played out a small farce involving a different developer aka Joakim Mogren, handling MGS V, which was then referred to as Ground Zeroes. Going as far back as MGS 2, he went out of his way to convince everyone the game would feature Snake as the main character, excluding details about Raiden entirely. Kojima even edited in-game footage, featuring Raiden, to instead show Snake to further convince gamers who they’d be controlling. While many have noted after the fact, that this was all apart of Kojima’s wild meta-narrative of MGS 2 and “what is real” involving information control, it does more or less remind us Kojima is a bit of a wily one when it comes to misdirection in the name of building hype.

So, with MGS V, are we really going to get the old experience with stealth intact, sans the Codec? Does Kojima have a radical new direction for MGS, where seeing is believing, and we are to be shown and not told? Or is Kojima being selective about what he’s showing and telling press again, in an attempt at slight of hand for what’s really in store?

I reiterate very simply: Is Kojima screwing with us again?

Or is it just amazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock?

You decide.


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