Mercury Steam Won’t Be Working On More Castlevania Games

The recent revival of the Castlevania series has been handled by Spanish developer Mercury Steam: together with Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow the team has also produced Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate and it’s working on the sequel of Lords of Shadow.

While the team’s work has been excellent so far, giving new life to the franchise, David Cox feels like the Studio has to move on without looking back, since he doesn’t want Mercury Steam to be remembered as the the Castlevania Team.

It’s true that Lords Of Shadow has done great things for the team, but there’s always a chance that the teams may be disbanding for troubles coming outside the team itself: Cox makes the example of Vigil, who have only worked on the Darksiders series and now face quite a challenge since the series won’t be coming back in the near future and Crytek, the new owner, will make them develop some different properties.

Mercury Steam will become something like Naughty Dog: the team was known mostly for creating the Crash Bandicoot series but once a certain point was reached, they decided to move on and develop different project. And now they’re doing the same: leaving the Uncharted series for the time being and developing an entirely new game, The Last Of Us.

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