Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Mode Gets Detailed

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is one the most important Nintendo releases for the next few months and from the looks of things, the game will bring some nice improvements on the Luigi’s Mansion formula, with a gameplay experience more focused on puzzles and exploration, with Ghost hunting being thrown in the mix. Some rumors circulating during the last days stated that the game would be getting some sort of multiplayer modes, although only locally: the latest Nintendo Direct put an end to these rumors by showing that the game will also be getting a four player multiplayer online mode.

In the new Hunter mode each players will control a differently colored Luigi and will have to clear the floor of ghosts in the fastest time possible: teamwork will be the key in doing a fast job which may make players earn different bonuses and upgrades.

While exploring this tower with other players, bosses will also be available at the last stage of each tower: difficulty can be adjusted so that all players may enjoy the game to the fullest by choosing the total number of floors.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be launching on March 24 in North America, with an European release coming in the same month.


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