Lloyd And His Gang Fight Some Fierce Battles In The Latest Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Screenshots

Namco Bandai has just released a fresh batch of screenshots for the upcoming Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles, the first HD remaster to be developed for the Tales series.

As you can see by checking the screenshots (found at the end of this post), the cel-shaded graphics of the first Tales Of Symphonia look really gorgeous in HD. The graphics of Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World have also been improved, even though the enhancements pale in comparison to the face lift Symphonia has received.

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles includes the remastered version of both Tales Of Symphonia games, which were originally released on Nintendo consoles. Both games will receive some new extras that some Western players have not been able to enjoy in the past.

Tales Of Symphonia includes cameo costumes, taken from other Tales games, a good number of new artes, an extended extra dungeon, some new boss battles, new unison attacks and Mystic Artes for the full party.

Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World will include some hair ornaments for Emil and Marta as well as a theater mode, previously only available only in the European Wii release.

Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles will be released in Japan sometime during October. The European and North American versions will come in early 2014.

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