Lightning Saves A Moogle Village In The Latest Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

A new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer has been premiered during Gamescom, showing Lightning going around doing her usual thing: saving people and meeting old faces.

Together with Lightning, other older characters appear in the trailer like Snow, almost turning into a Cie’th, Fang, Sazh and even Mog.

The small Mog, one of the main characters of Final Fantasy XIII-2, is now the chief of the Moogle Village located in The Wildlands, the fourth continent of the game. The Wildlands will represent the open world section of the game, allowing players to undertake multiple tasks without having to go through them in a set order.

The other continents found in the game will all feature a unique gameplay experience, making the game’s action more varied than ever. Square Enix is really going all out to make Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII the best game of the Lightning Saga, based on assessing fan feedback.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the final game of the Lightning Saga started with the original Final Fantasy XIII, will launch on November 21st in Japan, on February 11st in North America and on February 14th in Europe as a Ps3 and Xbox 360 release.


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