Killzone: Shadow Fall Quickly Becoming Must Have PS4 Launch Title

Killzone: Shadow Fall exploded onto the scene when it first shown at the PS4 reveal event earlier this year. Excited gamers looking forward to the next generation of Sony gaming, have been clamoring for more info and details about the must have PS4 launch game. While we’ve been treated to quite a few new gameplay videos and tidbits, we’re always hungry for just a little more.

We had a few more scraps in terms of info thrown our way, to help satiate our hungers for this delicious looking title. Guerilla Games, the developer on Killzone, let loose a few more details about their goals with the ambitious looking launch game. Steven ter Hiede, the director on KZ:SF, was very specific in wanting to retain the “feel” of the series, when creating the next installment for the PS4.

I think the most immediate thing people notice is the leap in visual fidelity. We have more horsepower with PlayStation 4 and that means you can do bigger, bolder things. It’s running at 1080p, it’s running far above 30 frames – we’re aiming at 60 – so that’s a very good thing. That’s the first thing people notice just the visuals, the way it feels.”


ter Hiede went on to mention how integral the bots were to Killzone, and how they still have relevancy moving forward with Shadow Fall.

“You can have those bots either in online matches, and they’ll replace some of your human friends or you can play an offline match against bots…they really mimic human player behavior. So if you set them to hard, that’s a pretty good challenge.”

The team revealed the extra power of the PS4, has really enabled them to create bots unmatched in terms of A.I behavior seen in video games prior. Even assuming the comment to be conjoined with a sense of hype, the reality of the PS4’s processing power, has no doubt helped in creating even better and far more satisfying ways to interact and team up with A.I soldiers.

The games director also mentioned the games robust arsenal of weaponry being unlocked from the start in multiplayer, to give players an immediate sense of scope and customization. Killzone is differing from it’s competition here, as unlike Call of Duty, the multiplayer from day one will have players on a level battlefield, fighting each other with the same weapons, only their intimate knowledge of which will separate them. ter Hiede made an extra side, as he mentions 1500 multiplayer challenges from the start, well before an further patches or extra DLC.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is on top of most PS4 gamers must have launch titles, and it’s clear to see why. Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch exclusively on the PS4 on November 15th in North America, and November 29th in select regions.

(Quotes Via PlayStationLifeStyle)

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