Jay Wilson Is Not To Blame For Diablo 3 Direction

During last week, it was reported that long time Diablo 3 game director Jay Wilson decided to resign from his position, stating that he wanted to move on with some other projects within Blizzard, needing something new to express his creativity. While Blizzard is searching for a new game director to keep leading the game’s upcoming updates, players have given some harsh judgment on Wilson’s direction of the game in the battle.net forums. The outburst was so big that Blizzard chief executive officer Rob Pardo had to come out and ssay players to give the whole matter a rest.

Some comments have been really too harsh for Pardo: he knows the Blizzard fans are a very vocal fanbase but Wilson is not to blame for the direction of Diablo 3, which he founds good enough to allow countless players, including himself, to play for hours and hours. The game will definitely be improved upon in the next months, but the game is far from the mess some players consider it. Jay Wilso was able, according to Pardo, to put together an excellent development team and bring life to an highly anticipated game trying to move away from some of the series’ staples. Pardo concludes by saying that he wished all the best for Wilson and for his next Blizzard projects.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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