Insomniac Is Frustrated By Sony’s Silence On Ratchet And Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The latest entry of the Ratchet And Clank series, Full Frontal Assault, has been released some time ago on Ps3: a PsVita version was supposedly coming at the same time but nothing has been heard about it for quite some time. Insomniac, who has developed the Ps3 version, is frustrated by this silence about the game. The PsVita port is being developed by Tin Giant but, other than this, nothing is known about the port.

In a recent Facebook post, Insomniac has addressed the situation: the posy has been already removed but Polygon managed to write down the contents. And from the looks of things, Insomniac is just as mad as many players for not knowing anything about the portable version of their latest game: Insomniac states that they have been repeatedly asking Sony about the PsVita port of Full Frontal Assault and they have been met with silence. The developers has no update to share with fans and asks gamers to ask Sony about the destiny of the game. It’s a bad situation which won’t probably be too good for the PsVita, a console that’s continuing to struggle all over the world for the lack of good games. With so many few releases coming in the next months, even something little is something good, but Sony doesn’t look like they care too much. Too bad.


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