Huge World Of Warcraft Sale On Blizzard’s Store

Among the titles developed by Blizzard, World Of Warcraft is definitely one of the most successful together with the Diablo series. The MMORPG set in the world of Warcraft, which was a simple real time strategy series before the explosion of WOW, is considered as one of the most successful online games ever, being played by thousands upon thousands of players and receiving constant updates from Blizzard. If you have avoided getting into the franchise until now, these last days of February may offer you a good opportunity to get into the game, since Blizzard is having a huge sale on its webstore for all the related World Of Warcraft items available.

As stated on this sale is to prepare players for the 5.2 upcoming update called The Thunder King which will be launching later this month with all new content. The offered discounts are quite nice: the Core Battle Chest including the first two expansions is just 5$, Cataclysm is 10$ and the latest expansion, Mists Of Pandaria is 20$. The main game is also free to play until you reach level 20: after this goal has been reached, you will have to pay a monthly fee. The game is so addictive, even in the first stages of play, that any player will get hooked and end up paying the subscription happily.


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