Hitman: Absolution Other Weapons Guide Part 3

With this three last weapons, we’re finally done detailing every single weapon included in Hitman: Absolution. If you really haven’t found anything to your liking to terminate targets and complete your missions, you must be someone really hard to please, since Eidos has included pretty much anything they could think of that can be used as a tool for murder. As usual, the weapons are sorted in alphabetical order. In the ” Other” category we included weapons which couldn’t be considered as melee or firearms: most of these other weapons are used to trigger accidental kills.

  • Rat Poison

The Rat Poison is a simple and effective weapon: it contains extremely poisonous substances and it can be used to poison food and trigger accidental kills, which make you earn more points per kill. They may be harder to pull off but the rewards are there for all player who don’t fear taking a little risk. The Rat Poison can be found in the Hunter and Hunted and Attack Of The Saints missions

  • Remote Explosive

Pretty much like the already covered Proximity Mine, the Remote Explosive isn’t the best weapon for stealth play: you can however set up a trap with it and activate it from afar, making it slightly more useful than the Mine, which needs an enemy to trigger the explosion. It can also be used as a melee weapon and unlike the Mine, it won’t detonate after being used. It can also be used as a throwable weapon to lure enemies away or simply as a distraction and as long as it isn’t triggered, you can recover it with ease. The explosion will also net you some accident kills points. Another interesting thing is that you may be able to carry the remote explosive and the porximity mines at the same time. The Remote Explosive can be found in the King Of Chinatown, Run For Your Life, Shaving Lenny, Dexter Industries, Death Factory, Fight Night, Attack Of The Saints, Operation Sledgehammer and Absolution missions.

  • U’Wa Tribe Poison

The U’wa Tribe Poison works pretty much like the Rat Poison: it can only be used to poison food to trigger some accidental kills. It can’t be used as melee weapons and it can’t be thrown as a distraction. Nothing to really worry about since this weapon can only be found in a single mission at the end of the game. The U’Wa Tribe Poison can be found in the Blackwater park mission in the laser protected room in the penthouse.

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