Hideo Kojima Will Always Be Behind Numbered Metal Gear Entries

So much for Hideo Kojima to move on the Metal Gear franchise he created so many years ago: it looks like Hideo’s destiny is strictly tied to Solid Snake and his story, if he really meant what he said in a recent interview with IGN.

Kojima san was asked if a Revengeance sequel could be released in the future and the game designer didn’t deny the possibility: as long as people want it there’s going to be a possibility. However Kojima also added that while spin offs may be outsourced to competent developers, main entries of the series will always be backed up by Hideo himself or at least by Kojima Productions.

The main condition for outsourcing Metal Gear games is that the teams must understand the franchise very well, just as Platinum Games did when producing Metal Gear Rising: thanks to this statement we can only assume that the Metal Gear series will always be of the highest quality possible.

Talking about next gen hardware, Kojima stated that he’s more interested in the “horizontal expansion” of the gaming experience: social interaction features will have a bigger impact in the future, even more than simple graphical improvements.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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