GTAV: PlayStation Blog Lets Us Know Grand Theft Auto Is As Big As Ever

The words Grand Theft Auto often result in loud screams and a mass of noise, in and outside of the game. GTA represents one of the biggest names in gaming, and for good reason. The series has always prided itself on being bigger and better than everybody else, with Rockstar games always working for years to make each one unique and top notch.

GTAV is right around the corner, and the excitement continues to build as we learn more about the title, and are reminded everything the experience is going to offer. The PlayStation Blog has done updates about the game in the past, and has recently posted some info about what we can look forward to, come September 17th.

While a lot of what the PS blog is more or less a reminder of what to expect, reading phrase like “GTA V is larger than Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the frontier world of Red Dead Redemption combined”, does a lot to fan the flames of fervor in the games upcoming approach.

The screenshots they provide are also a sight to behold, in showcasing not only the vivid visuals of the game, but how grand in scale V looks to be. With three different characters to play at any one time, with an in game hot key to switch between any of them, the game’s width will be only matched by it’s depth.

For any of you who need further reassurance of what kind of monster GTAV is, have a small reminder:


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