GTA Online Still Struggling, Rockstar Apologizes For Failings

n the ongoing drama that is Grand Theft Auto: Online, players are faced with flaws and failings left and right, while Rockstar tries to make everything better, one patch at a time.

Following a money scandal, where online modders found a way to illicit cash to players through an exploit, Rockstar continues to send out messages of promise and apology, as they vow to try and correct the online GTA economy. Despite their best efforts, however, Rockstar is unable to remove the ill got cash from players, so the damage is indeed done, with little recourse to be had.

In the picture featured above, is the direct response Rockstar had, in just another promise, of cleaning up the streets of Los Santos, and trying to make GTA: Online a better place for proper crime. The dev promises they will continue to patch the game, and try to control further economically threatening exploits, in order to maintain the balance of fun and fairness they strove very hard to achieve in the development of the online component. Rockstar continues to promise bigger and better things, but with players facing problems left and right, there are still real doubts is Rockstar will be able to deliver.

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