Get Early Access To God Of War: Ascension Single Player Demo

Get Early Access To God Of War: Ascension Single Player Demo

The upcoming Playstation Meeting shouldn’t make us forget that there’s still a lot of games coming out on th current generation console and we’re not talking about some small, low budget games: God Of War: Ascension is only the first one of many games coming on Ps3 during 2013.

A few weeks ago Ps Plus subscribers have been able to enjoy the multiplayer beta of the game and try out some of the new play modes included in the game: Sony has also revealed that a playable single player demo would be coming some time before the game’s official release.

If you’re itching to play the game, you may want to get invested int the God Of War: Ascension social game as Sony has made another announcement today: gamers who will be on the winning team will be able to play the demo a week before everyone else, on February 20. The demo version of the game will be available for everyone else on February 26.

If you want to play a bit of the game earlier, just head over to the social game and get into battle: the first team to obtain 10 million points will have won early access to the God Of War: Ascension demo


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