Gearbox Was Approached To Develop A Call Of Duty Game

Gearbox, developers of the highly regarded Borderlands series, has revealed in a recent interview with the German webzine KGN that the team was approached by Activision to develop an entry in the successful Call Of Duty series.

While the commercial appeal was pretty high and could have brought the developer to new hights, Randy Picthford, Gearbox’s boss, said that the main reason why Gearbox works on new projects is to feel challenged and come up with something new. Borderlands’ developers don’t have a problem with working on already successful franchises: Pitchford added that they’re open to the possibility if they are to bring something entirely new or innovative ideas to an enstablished franchise but don’t have any desire to work on such games if something like this isn’t possible.

And that was surely the case with Call Of Duty: while each game presents something new, it can never be called innovative. The Call Of Duty games have to follow some certain standards and any deviation from the formula is seen as something negative. For these reasons developing a Call Of Duty game wouldn’t have been challenging at all, it wouldn’t have helped the studio’s reputation and it wouldn’t have been fun as well.

Gearbox definitely deserves respect for their choises: giving up money in this day and age is not something many are willing to do.


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