Gaming Equality: New Game Jam Event Reminds Us Women Are Gamers Too

In response to a rather inflammatory quote posted on Gamasutra about female game charactersl, is getting together a Game Jam to promote gender equality in the industry.

This recent article may have been the catalyst to set the event in motion, but the gender issue in gaming has gained considerable momentum for awhile now. This Game Jam event, is looking to raise awareness of females in gaming, on all levels, and is just another step in reminding people women are gamers all the same.

The Game Jam event will be happening on July 12th-14th in Vancouver, BC (Canada). The Jam itself already has over 150 participants signed up, with open invitation to any walks of life able to contribute to game creation. The goal is to come up with some fun ideas and projects for new video games, involving, starring, and putting women in a positive light.

The project sounds like a great idea as a community endeavor, and really drives home it isn’t just women who realize the industry has some broken standards and bad habits to get over. With such companies such as Microsoft, The Centre for Digital Media, and Radial Games sponsoring the event, this Game Jam is already off to a good start.

If you don’t have the means to make it, or aren’t in the Vancouver area, fear not! Iamagamer is still accepting donations and support through their website at If you at all want to make a different in helping some gamers and developers create something awesome, or truly believe in furthering the gender equality issue, than iamagamer would really appreciate the support.

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