Gaming Equality: Jim Sterling Interview About Sexism In Video Games Invokes and Enlightens

Gaming Equality: Jim Sterling Interview About Sexism In Video Games Invokes and Enlightens

A man who’s no stranger to controversy, gaming journalist and critic Jim Sterling sat down with to dive into his own evolutionary process, in regards to thoughts on gender equality.

In the exchange, Jim candidly speaks to his mixed messages of the past, and those who considered him a misogynist. Jim points out his own failing, by mentioning he was a victim of the “obviously not me” syndrome, which by his description is more common than you think.

Jim Sterling continues with:

“That’s the insidious thing about misogyny and privilege — you never really think of the subtle things,  the more sinister harmful things you may be perpetuating. Making jokes about feminist, being “satirical,” calling someone a “feminazi slut,” it was all fine and dandy, because I “obviously” didn’t mean it.”

As someone who’s been open about his own sexual orientation in the past, Sterling’s loyalty to LBGT issues has been made clear to followers of his work. However, the man has also been decried as sexist on the flip side, with some rather famous exchanges in the Blogosphere concerning less than stellar behavior and harsh exchanges.

The interview is a nice read, for anyone interested in the progress of gender equality on the grand stage of gaming, or fans of Jim’s in general. I’ve been a regular reader of D-Toid for awhile, and Jim Sterling has always done a great job of entertaining and informing. While I realize some of his behavior comes off as crass, the subtext of his character has always shone through as someone who just really loves gaming, and has a wonky sense of British humor while doing so.

The sexist stuff is a bi-product of a lot of cultural elements, but at least Jim has started to observe that he can help change that.

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